Everything You Need to Know about Toothache and the Remedies


We are all aware that toothaches are more often than not caused by varying factors. The pain emanating from a toothache is very severe and unmistakable-usually in the form of an agonizing throb that sticks around and gets more intense for hours and hours on end. Activities like chewing and drinking liquids only serve to aggravate the already intolerable pain.

Causes of Toothache

In the field of dental well-being, toothaches are associated with factors such as teeth and gum infections, cavities, and the presence of abscesses in the gums. Other causes include plaque accumulation, and injuries especially those subjected to the facial area in general.

In some instances, toothaches are due to other severe medical conditions like Gingivitis or procedures and may be completely unrelated to the above reasons. An excellent example of methods that can lead to toothache includes the dental treatment process itself. Behavioral causes include smoking and chewing tobacco which destroys and eats away the teeth until they have significant cavities.

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Dangers of Untreated Dental Problems

Leaving the problem unattended will eventually lead to more severe health complications and can even end up being a life-threatening condition. Most individual undergoing toothache tend to opt for over the counter medication or some home-based treatments instead of going for a dental appointment with their dentist right away. It is worth noting that though these unusual form of procedures may be helpful in terms of easing off the pain for a limited period, they are nowhere close to being a permanent solution.

Waiting too long before seeking the help of a dental heal professional will only allow the infection or condition to spread further and you might end up needing to get a tooth extraction to resolve the problem. But why wait for such a fate when there are simpler options like filling and crowning where you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your precious teeth. Below are dental procedures that will effectively relieve the toothache and ultimately eliminate the pain:

Oral Cleaning and Dental Hygiene

Just like in the old saying, prevention is always simpler and safer than curing. Nand there is no better way of doing this than through maintaining dental hygiene. Regular oral cleaning is advisable to remove remnant food particles and plaque that is not removable through simple brushing. This will not only help with pain management but will also better your overall dental hygiene.

Dental Filling

When the primary cause of your toothache is cavities, dental filling using specialized restorative materials will go a long way in helping reduce the pain and make the teeth easier to clean. The procedure involves cleaning the teeth to get rid of decayed portion then filling up the crown with the restorative material which may be either silver, gold, porcelain or any other composite material. Dental filling helps protect your teeth from further deteriorating.

Other procedures include crowning glory for critical cases of cavities and decay or root canal treatment in cases of painful pulp. The final option-tooth extraction is only used in cases where the other options are not viable. Implants can be used to replace the extracted teeth mainly not for functionality but rather for aesthetic reasons.